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The 2017 Bracket Points Series will be sponsored by Karl Performance, Des Moines, IA. Karl Performance is a 66,000-square foot facility and offers safety equipment, parts, machine shop, engine and chassis dyno’s and much more. They are a full-service performance race shop!

As the sponsor of the 2017 Bracket Series, Karl Performance is proud to be affiliated with Heartland Park and the announcement of a $10,000-bracket points fund that includes the run-off for the Track Championship where the winner takes home a $2000 bonus.

Carl Moyer the owner of Karl Performance has a strong history in drag racing as a former track owner of Eddyville Raceway (IA) and as professional drag racer winning many events in the early days of Pro-Mod racing on the IHRA circuit. Carl has a passion for cars and racing and his companies are centered around racers. In addition, the General Manager at Karl Performance, Gary Shearer is a long-time success bracket racer out of Iowa.
Please be sure to support Karl Performance with your racing needs. Visit their website at


This is a brand-new program for Heartland Park bracket racers. It’s your chance to win a Diamond Ring for your wife, girlfriend or yourself provided by Diamonds by Design in Topeka. The Run for the Ring presented by Diamonds by Design is a $2,000 LADIES DIAMOND RING!
The challenge requires five (5) diamond points to win. Every time a racer is perfect on either end of the track (.000 reaction time or dead-on the dial with a zero) he/she will earn a diamond point. The first racer to earn 5 diamond points– will be awarded the diamond ring!

Here is how it works:
 Program open to all Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Street Bike and Junior Dragster racers who have joined the Heartland Park Topeka points series
(points member) and on points events only.
 For the run to eligible, it must be an elimination run that earns points in the Karl Performance Race Series.
 It will be the driver’s responsibility to bring his/her time slip to the tower for confirmation of the perfect reaction or dial-in to receive a diamond point.
This MUST be done the day of the race before the tower closes.
 Once a diamond point is confirmed, the point will be added to the points sheet for this contest.
 The contest will run until a winner has been officially declared, regardless of time.
 A perfect reaction time and a dead-on dial does not have to happen at the same run to earn a diamond point. However, if a driver does have a perfect
run to the zero (both dial-in and reaction time), he or she will earn two diamond points.
 If there is a tie in this program with 2 or more drivers a tie breaker system will be used to determine the winner.
 The first racer to get FIVE (5) Diamond Points wins the Ring!
NHRA West Central Division will administer the Pit Vehicle Registration Program again in 2017

The serialized pit vehicle decals will be accepted throughout Divisions 1, 4 & 5. 
Once again the registration fee will be $10 per vehicle.  But we will also offer insurance along with the registration for a $50 annual fee (the insurance program is administered by Division 1). 
If anyone is interested in this please have them contact Sara at the division office for details and processing.
Registration Process:
1. Competitor must read and complete page one, accepting all of the rules and regulations set forth.
2. Competitor keeps page two, “Raceway Auxiliary Pit Vehicle Rules.”
3. Competitor pays the $10 registration fee. Track issues sticker, and completes the serial number section on page one.
4. One form must be completed for EACH vehicle being registered.  (One sticker/serial number per vehicle)
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